Thursday, August 16, 2012

Having an Angelic Day!

Signs on angels have been all around me for the last two weeks or so. Signs of angels: pennies, coins, feathers, clouds. Now clouds are everywhere, but I have been especially noticing and appreciating the clouds. This is how it all started.

After appreciating the sky and clouds on the way home, a couple of days in a row, I then started to see pennies everywhere. Before this, I hadn't seen pennies since I was a little girl. All of a sudden, there was a penny stuck to my foot, a penny on the road, a penny here, a penny there. I even added a penny to my crystal collection because it seemed to want to become part of my little collection. It is now a money enhancer and gives me great clarity on how my clients can earn more money.

Feathers: A tiny little feather appeared on my rear view mirror!!! A little tiny fluffy white feather!! It was stuck there for a while until I really started to pick up speed.

I also saw a blue jay feather on the front lawn! Grey-blue with dark grey stripes. So beautiful.