Monday, July 16, 2012

Some 13th Chakra Information

"The Heart chakra is represented by the color green; however, in some contexts it is referred to as having two colors - green and rose, or pink. Until I learned about the 13th chakra, this always confused me. How could pink be in there? How could a chakra have two colors? The answer is that the 13th chakra is outside the body, but the energy of it is experienced in the heart."

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Totem Animals

What's your totem animal?

Any animal that you have been seeing repeatedly or noticing. Think about this. Is there any animal that keeps popping up? You see it on billboards? You are talking about it a lot? Or maybe an animal that has been annoying you or getting your attention negatively.

This could be a power or totem animal for you.

Check out the traits of your power animal at this site:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Seven Chakras of the Third Dimensional World

I will explain the main energy portals for this physical dimension. These are the portals that I (currently) work with during crystal healing. Although I am quickly learning about many other dimensial portals. But that is for another time.

The person lays down. On top of their head is located the 7th, or "crown" chakra. This chakra relates to their spiritual connection and how much they trust that everything will work out. If the energy is low her, then I put various crystals on the ground above the head (0-1 in away from the top of the head).

6th chakra: this chakra is located in between the eyes. If it is low, a person is having difficulty knowing their own feelings from day to day on various matters, or is having trouble reading the feelings of others. If I am to lay crystals for a low energy 6th chakra, I will put crystals between the eyes, or even on each of the eyelids.

5th Chakra: this chakra is located on the throat. It represents a person's ability to speak up for themself, express their opinions, and be heard. It also represents creativity and self-expression. If this chakra energy is low, I place crystals on the throat.

4th chakra: located in the middle of the chest. This chakra reflects self love. It is mainly green. There is another chakra located in front of it that is pink. But that is another chakra.

3rd chakra: naval chakra; it is located between the abdomen and chest. It's primary color is yellow. Yellow represents actions, happiness, health. This chakra is about vitality and sense of self.

2nd chakra: abdomen. This chakra is about relationships with friends and love. If a love relationship is off or hard to develop, then this chakra will be weaker. The color is mainly orange.

Root chakra is very important. It represents all physical illness and pain. An illness in the abdomen is still a first chakra issue. The lower the energy of first chakra, the more a person will struggle with health, sense of place, and groundedness. This chakra is very very important. You can use red or black stones and roll them up under the tailbone.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

How Do I Use a Pendulum To Detect Energy and Channel Information?

I am still intrigued by how magical a pendulum seems. I use my pendulum to detect low energy areas, negative energy areas, and overflow areas on the body. I also use it to channel information about a person's challenges and specific things for them to do to overcome these challenges.

How do I detect energy? I tell the person to lay down. If I don't know the person, I hold a pendulum over each of their chakras. If it stands still, they are quite balanced. If it moves back and forth, then the chakra area needs more energy. If the pendulum rotates counter clockwise, the person has negative energy there. If it rotates clockwise, then there is positive, almost too much energy there. It is probably spilling out onto other areas. Once I know this "map" of chakras, I can lay crystals.

Once I have laid the crystals on a person, I then use the pendulum to channel. I rotated the pendulum very fast in a clockwise direction. I start to received messages from spirit/guide/psychic energy you name it. I don't really know where it comes from.

This part is still a mystery to me. But it works.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Do I Know Where To Put Crystals

People ask me about my healing sessions, "How do you know where to put the crystals and how do you get messages?" What I tell them is that I am not sure but that somehow the combination of laying crystals and swinging the pendulum help me to channel information. I think I can give a more detailed explanation here.

So, how do I channel messages during a crystal healing? Well, I practice on myself,  ALOT. I become very familiar with my crystals, what they mean to me. They are my tools. Once I became familiar with my tools, I was able to read my tools. My tools tell me lots of things. For example, I first use a pendulum to see if  a chakra needs more energy. I know that when a pendulum moves around more, that the chakra needs more energy. I know what each chakra means and what it means when it lacks energy. Then my INTUITION tells me what crystal(s) to place on the identified low energy areas. If I place a tiger's eye crystal on a throat chakra, that means to me that someone needs to put more power in their voice. Now, the specifications vary depending on the person as I do intuit lots of variety, but on the whole, this tiger's eye is a power stone and it is on the throat chakra. Thus, the throat needs more power. Now it gets more complicated when I lay multiple stones, but I will leave that for another time.

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