Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Do I Know Where To Put Crystals

People ask me about my healing sessions, "How do you know where to put the crystals and how do you get messages?" What I tell them is that I am not sure but that somehow the combination of laying crystals and swinging the pendulum help me to channel information. I think I can give a more detailed explanation here.

So, how do I channel messages during a crystal healing? Well, I practice on myself,  ALOT. I become very familiar with my crystals, what they mean to me. They are my tools. Once I became familiar with my tools, I was able to read my tools. My tools tell me lots of things. For example, I first use a pendulum to see if  a chakra needs more energy. I know that when a pendulum moves around more, that the chakra needs more energy. I know what each chakra means and what it means when it lacks energy. Then my INTUITION tells me what crystal(s) to place on the identified low energy areas. If I place a tiger's eye crystal on a throat chakra, that means to me that someone needs to put more power in their voice. Now, the specifications vary depending on the person as I do intuit lots of variety, but on the whole, this tiger's eye is a power stone and it is on the throat chakra. Thus, the throat needs more power. Now it gets more complicated when I lay multiple stones, but I will leave that for another time.

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