Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel
 Photo Courtesy of http://higherdensity.wordpress.com

I wanted to do a post about Archangel Gabriel because I have been called to ask her for help in changing some of my hardest to break habits. It is those times when I just don't feel right, and I am not sure why. I can then call on Archangel Gabriel to help me find the better new habit that can break my old habit. I will use this entry as a way to study and report on Archangel Gabriel, for my own and others' better understanding.

Gabriel helps those whose careers involve art or communication (mine involves both!) She helps you if your purpose is to deliver spiritual messages. He will help you to overcome fear and procrastination. She is an archangel of action! [Information in this paragraph taken from http://spiritlibrary.com/spiritual-entities/archangel-gabriel].

It looks like I am called to examine my habits for the purpose of expanding into my ultimate career, which is to communicate messages of spirit to people and to make art. I am definitely feeling the pull towards making this my full time profession and not sure how to expand it, so I will be calling on higher guidance. It is important to call on higher guidance in my life when I have no idea how to get from here to there. Apparently my habits are a big way to get myself there much more quickly, and I am not sure how to do this so I will need to ask Gabriel's help.

I am happy to call on Archangel Gabriel for help and I encourage others to do the same. Apparently Gabriel can also help mothers who are looking to adopt.

I am looking forward to finding out more about this Archangel and developing a personal relationship with her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Winter Break

     There was one time when I felt truly safe and taken care of by God. This was a span of 3-4 weeks during my winter break in college. I decided not to go home after much internal debating, and instead set up places to stay based on the help of others. I went to a particular book store every once in a while, and certain books would jump out at me. I would read them and be completely inspired. I was pretty much alone the whole time, aside from chance coexisting with roommates along the way. I would drive in my car along the long winter roads, forged between the forest trees.
     I loved winter so much that I also stayed at Red Hook that summer. I rented out a room in a house, stayed there all by myself and walked to the organic food store where I worked in the morning. I house sat and did different odd jobs. I went to the video store and rentals would jump out at me just like with the books. I had no internet at the house so I would drive on to campus to go online. I would mostly watch movie and make collages at home. I relied heavily on others even though I was living alone. My friend let me use her car for a couple of weeks. I am not sure what had happened to mine. I would walk through the cemetery and give food donations at the church. Books would also jump out at me at the library.
     Then when the kids who lived there returned for the next school year, they helped me clean and pack up my stuff. I stayed there with them for a little bit. There was a giant picture of a wolf on the carpet in the living room and pictures of bats along the walls. The guy who stayed in my room was a musician. One girl was an artist (like me) and the other was into literature.
   When I returned to school, my friends were upset because they thought I had abandoned them. I hadn't returned their calls when they came back. I was so used to being alone. That next year there were a lot of changes for me. It was the first time I had experience natural changes and a lightening of my load.
    I have been inspired to capture that feeling of safety and comfort and inspiration.  I want to move towards that feeling again, and begin to capture it.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014


                                          Image from www.glstones.com

I am fascinated with Tugtupite. I currently covet it and yet I cannot get it; for some reason it is out of my grasp. It is a rare mineral from Greenland that is very expensive but also very hard to find. It also has very intense properties. Although Tugtupite is a heart opener and an unleash-er of deep love, it is also very dangerous and reveals the dark side of love. It helps you to break negative emotional patterns within yourself [http://www.soulfulcrystals.co.uk/tugtupite] and opens the thymus/higher heart chakra.

The thymus chakra is a great opener to your true passion in life. I wish to work my dream job, painting and healing with crystals all day, but I really just spend most of my time at a different job, and I like it, but it is not my passion. For me, Tugtupite represents me getting closer to what I want to do with my life. With this closeness comes great pain, I know from getting in touch with the past already. But moving through the past is what allows me to clear the space for me to get closer to myself.

Ah, the Tugtupite message is "I seek out and find kindred spirits". That is something I really need to do more in life. [http://www.healingwithcrystals.net.au/libracrystals.html]

I was just reading today about how some people are clingers and some are avoid-ant. When you get the people together it is like one person is always running when  they are scared while the other one is always chasing. It is like an endless pattern of loop running and chasing. There is not intimacy there. Tugtupite lets you stand still.

I think standing still is so nice because I can listen to my spirit guides. Also, I am able to observe and feel my self in a way that is slow and delicate. I like to look out at water and hear the bugs chirp endlessly. We are all spirits and connected. I feel like we are able to see more when we are ready. For example, I knew about the 7 chakras until one day I had a talk at a crystal store with someone, and I realized that there were up to 27 chakras... and now I believe there could be many more. There is also another world that I am unaware of that is all around me all the time...

Tugtupite can help with loneliness and find kindred spirits. I feel lonely spiritually sometimes.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crystal Readings

Now I would like to start talking about my spiritual practice of reading with crystals. I think a journal is a good way to describe what I do in an organic form. I have people over to my office, and there is a lot of organic process involved, but it has formed a pattern that can be easily described.

One reason why I am very excited about telling you about my practice, is that I have found it emerged naturally from my own hidden talents. I began to collect crystals first, because I just felt that one crystal I got when I was very young had really influenced my life. So I began to collect more crystals and found that they all influence my life in a many ways.

I like colors, shapes and sizes, and so crystals are appealing to me, but also they have strange non-linear metaphysical quality. I read somewhere a while ago, that non-linear qualities need to be experienced, and cannot just be described. It is like infinity. Infinity really does go on forever, but that cannot be fathomed by us, because we live in beginnings and endings.

Colors, shapes and sizes, these are the physical qualities of crystals. But there are more to crystals. They are energy, and they are living things and sometimes even moving. They can be recharged in the sunlight or they can jump off your body when you are done. They can bite, or get lost, or fly from you. These events appear to be regular events, but seen from another perspective, the crystals are really in control of this, and you have to change your thinking in order to understand.

This is what I believe in the forefront of my practice, is that crystals think for themselves. So I believe that although I am able to pick them up and move them onto people lying down, they are doing most of the work and leading me through the process. Crystals bring higher spirits and allow communication with them. I feel it and hear them when I am working with a client.

I am able to communicate messages and information from what I can only describe as "guides". The pendulum has a crystal attached and I use that to channel the energy even further, so as to gain more information. Basically, the crystals infuse their energy, and this energy can change your life after a few months. Of course the changes are very subtle, but the crystals help you to see subtle changes, and they help you to notice things in your life that are "wrong" that you weren't conscious about.

Crystals are a big part of my practice, but also being open to receive messages and open to the subtle energies, and giving you that experience of feeling the crystals energies for the first time (or if you have experience with crystals, helping you to feel the communication with crystals). The purpose of this healing is to become more aware of your life as it is seen from the level of your soul, and will help you really to hone in and focus on your true path, much more quickly, in order to feel the joy of life from a soul level.

Our planet is in need of these transformations now, because everyone is rushing to raise their vibration in order to take in the next level of civilization, where civilization is heading. People like me are being called to perform energy-raising practice to help all people to become in sync with the new active energy that we need to reach in order to reach a new level.

I am excited to be here and to talk about these things after not knowing how to say it. Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to writing and sharing.