Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crystal Readings

Now I would like to start talking about my spiritual practice of reading with crystals. I think a journal is a good way to describe what I do in an organic form. I have people over to my office, and there is a lot of organic process involved, but it has formed a pattern that can be easily described.

One reason why I am very excited about telling you about my practice, is that I have found it emerged naturally from my own hidden talents. I began to collect crystals first, because I just felt that one crystal I got when I was very young had really influenced my life. So I began to collect more crystals and found that they all influence my life in a many ways.

I like colors, shapes and sizes, and so crystals are appealing to me, but also they have strange non-linear metaphysical quality. I read somewhere a while ago, that non-linear qualities need to be experienced, and cannot just be described. It is like infinity. Infinity really does go on forever, but that cannot be fathomed by us, because we live in beginnings and endings.

Colors, shapes and sizes, these are the physical qualities of crystals. But there are more to crystals. They are energy, and they are living things and sometimes even moving. They can be recharged in the sunlight or they can jump off your body when you are done. They can bite, or get lost, or fly from you. These events appear to be regular events, but seen from another perspective, the crystals are really in control of this, and you have to change your thinking in order to understand.

This is what I believe in the forefront of my practice, is that crystals think for themselves. So I believe that although I am able to pick them up and move them onto people lying down, they are doing most of the work and leading me through the process. Crystals bring higher spirits and allow communication with them. I feel it and hear them when I am working with a client.

I am able to communicate messages and information from what I can only describe as "guides". The pendulum has a crystal attached and I use that to channel the energy even further, so as to gain more information. Basically, the crystals infuse their energy, and this energy can change your life after a few months. Of course the changes are very subtle, but the crystals help you to see subtle changes, and they help you to notice things in your life that are "wrong" that you weren't conscious about.

Crystals are a big part of my practice, but also being open to receive messages and open to the subtle energies, and giving you that experience of feeling the crystals energies for the first time (or if you have experience with crystals, helping you to feel the communication with crystals). The purpose of this healing is to become more aware of your life as it is seen from the level of your soul, and will help you really to hone in and focus on your true path, much more quickly, in order to feel the joy of life from a soul level.

Our planet is in need of these transformations now, because everyone is rushing to raise their vibration in order to take in the next level of civilization, where civilization is heading. People like me are being called to perform energy-raising practice to help all people to become in sync with the new active energy that we need to reach in order to reach a new level.

I am excited to be here and to talk about these things after not knowing how to say it. Thank you for reading this post and I look forward to writing and sharing.

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