Tuesday, June 3, 2014


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I am fascinated with Tugtupite. I currently covet it and yet I cannot get it; for some reason it is out of my grasp. It is a rare mineral from Greenland that is very expensive but also very hard to find. It also has very intense properties. Although Tugtupite is a heart opener and an unleash-er of deep love, it is also very dangerous and reveals the dark side of love. It helps you to break negative emotional patterns within yourself [http://www.soulfulcrystals.co.uk/tugtupite] and opens the thymus/higher heart chakra.

The thymus chakra is a great opener to your true passion in life. I wish to work my dream job, painting and healing with crystals all day, but I really just spend most of my time at a different job, and I like it, but it is not my passion. For me, Tugtupite represents me getting closer to what I want to do with my life. With this closeness comes great pain, I know from getting in touch with the past already. But moving through the past is what allows me to clear the space for me to get closer to myself.

Ah, the Tugtupite message is "I seek out and find kindred spirits". That is something I really need to do more in life. [http://www.healingwithcrystals.net.au/libracrystals.html]

I was just reading today about how some people are clingers and some are avoid-ant. When you get the people together it is like one person is always running when  they are scared while the other one is always chasing. It is like an endless pattern of loop running and chasing. There is not intimacy there. Tugtupite lets you stand still.

I think standing still is so nice because I can listen to my spirit guides. Also, I am able to observe and feel my self in a way that is slow and delicate. I like to look out at water and hear the bugs chirp endlessly. We are all spirits and connected. I feel like we are able to see more when we are ready. For example, I knew about the 7 chakras until one day I had a talk at a crystal store with someone, and I realized that there were up to 27 chakras... and now I believe there could be many more. There is also another world that I am unaware of that is all around me all the time...

Tugtupite can help with loneliness and find kindred spirits. I feel lonely spiritually sometimes.


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