Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today I felt...

I feel nervous for midterms. I also realize that I am going to get whatever grade I will get regardless of whether I force myself to study or not. Anxiety is in my control, but not grades or outcomes. I learn to control my fear as I move towards the inevitable.

Have been reading Twilight series. Just finished with Eclipse. It took my three days to complete. Jacob and Bella are not meant for each other, but her and Edward are not really meant for each other. All of her family is against it, and it hurts so many for them to be together. A relationship should not come at such a large cost to one's personal life.

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  1. yay I'm really excited to read more! And I really like the title. It's much easier for me to get to than xanga. I've been so busy working to get my applications done (I got 4 in yesterday!) but I hope to get the rest in soon and then I'll be free to hang out!