Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I get more answers

Today has been a very trying day. Last night I meditated and thought about how I would make friends. At the same time, I was receiving multiple offers to hang out that I was turning down, for one reason or another, which is very unusual for me. I think I have realized that making friends last has to do with assuming that I can always make friends whenever I want. This allows me to be more resilient when presented with a plan that I am not really interested in or when I want to read quietly instead of going out. The best interactions I have are the ones that happen naturally, when I am not really trying to make plans. It just comes together. In the mean time, I get bored sometimes.

I also had a good business lunch with my fellow art class member, we are talking about starting our own business together with a few other people. We are making plans, but I am feeling very anxious. I still don't know what I am anxious over. I guess I will try to find answers about this problem.

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