Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Following Emotions

Well it is official. I am working on my second chakra. I keep going toward the color orange and reading things about following emotions and manifestations.

Actually, I think manifesting is for the third chakra, but you have to master the second chakra first.

Second chakra is all about feelings and relating. It is about accepting feelings and freeing yourself of negative emotions.

Then the third chakra is all about manifesting. This is the most advanced stage I have read about probably. I never realized that people who are working on second chakra truly believe that it is our birth right to manifest prosperity. They say that everything around us is prosperous and all we can do is block that flow from coming though.

Want a million dollars ? Apparently it is easy to manifest that. First you have to learn how to feel good, then you follow your good feelings in order to manifest wealth, the life you want to live, etc.

I am currently working on this with my art and with crystal healing. And wealth, of course, I have to try :)

So far, my favorite manifestation was when I went into Whole Foods and bought fruit tarts. That is something I had wanted to do for so long, and though that they were too expensive to purchase individually. I got the little tiny ones, which was still a stretch for me. I also bought deviled eggs for $7. Rediculous! However, this was about manifesting to me. I felt so good afterwards. It just opened up my stomach energy to let myself purchase things that I was so convinced were unacceptable to spend that much for them. See, it's not that I don't have enough $$, it is about paying for it even though I think ti is too much, just because I want it.

This is an interesting experiment.

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