Monday, October 3, 2011

I Can Afford Anything

Here is what I have learned about focusing on money: It is always hidden somewhere where you couldn't find it if you didn't look for it.


I have savings bonds that I usually forget about, but when I start to feel like my savings are depleted, I remember my invisible money I have stored away in a box.

Also, I tend to find extra money in cutting certain expenses that I thought were necessary. Like discretionary spending or entertainment.

Lately I have been channeling the affirmation: I can afford anything whenever I want.

Here is what I found:

A website that teaches me how to save on all things except those things I want to buy luxury.

I need to read more on this website to post its gold, but I am enthralled right now.

In other news, I have attempted crystal healing after finally going to the store, buying 3 or 4 stones, and actually trying it.

Now I have tried it three times, and the first two I stayed there for 2 hours or more, and ended up sobbing, crying, releasing some really stuck energy. I even had a vivid dream.

I need to continue to experiment with placement etc.

I have been channeling the laws of attraction and used my computer to construct a vision board. Basically, a vision board is where you choose images and collage them together which represent your life as you would like to me living it. Mine includes a tree that grows money, a rack of clothes, and a cute little doggy. I also found that the majority of my vision board has pictures of peaceful settings. A large part of what I am looking for is peace of mind.

I put this board together using Microsoft paint and Google image search.

It is now my background.

More news on vision board and manifesting to come.

It seems beneficial to state your manifest desire as a "present tense". Such as: I am in the best state of health of all time right now.

The of all time stuff annoys me a little, but I read it is good to put "of all time" and "best ever", so I am trying that.

It is helping.

My current one is: I am able to buy everything I want when ever I want.

More to come on that.

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